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Dick Mangan's letter of June 2 made me laugh out loud. Don't fight the fire because someone may get hurt? That's like saying lets not have policemen because they may get shot, or fire departments because they may get burned.

Fight the fires and quit wasting money and time! These are our forests and those fighting sign up for training, enjoy the endless wages, and we all know it could be somewhat dangerous.

Having survived living on the same street as the 2017 Bitterroot fire camp, it was disgusting to see the waste of resources and manpower. Besides, they don't "fight' the fire. They barely manage the fire, letting it burn, botched back burns, and sure had lots of admin positions, each with their own rental cars for months, driving up and down explaining why they can't contain anything.

They waited for nature to put it out, so why bother? Here's a concept: if you fight the fire when it first begins, instead of letting it grow to a money-making machine, there would be minimal exposure to injuries.

Susan Roy,


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