Elect smart leaders to handle crises

Elect smart leaders to handle crises


If it’s one thing the coronavirus should be teaching us, it’s the need for a strong, effective federal government — one that makes decisions based on actual information instead of on feelings and beliefs. Unfortunately, the incessant — and continuing — anti-government, anti-science rhetoric of the past 20 years has led us to a place where our important agencies have not only been weakened, but are led by people with virtually no qualifications, knowledge or experience.

We in Montana have been relatively lucky. Not only has our geographic isolation somewhat protected us, we happen to have a rational governor in Steve Bullock who actually listens to scientists and other experts.

On the national level, we are not so fortunate. While Donald Trump does everything he can to stay in power, his irrational decisions continue to destroy the intellectual and administrative infrastructure we need to deal with this and other major crises.

The virus, climate change and other issues don’t care if you are a liberal or a conservative — they will continue to impact us all dramatically until we start electing smart, educated people who can provide us with the leadership and good decision-making that we need.

Sneed Collard,


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