Do any of you who “invest” (gamble) your money on Wall Street actually know what you are doing? No, hardly any of you do. But Elizabeth Warren does get it. She is threatening to expose this following fact and will try to correct it if elected president of the United State.

Without libeling myself I will “express my opinion” about how unregulated Wall Street actually is and how you are all duped into believing you know what you are doing when you “invest.”

Those of you who do make money deceive yourself that you are brilliant and are making the money legitimately, but you are not.

The only smart thing you did is stumble on access to a Wall Street broker through your local broker, who has “insider information” and is part of a system that exploits those who do not have such a broker working on their behalf. You, and your “out of system local brokers,” merely make wild guesses and hope you are correct.

The “insider trading” favored brokers call other friends who are brokers and decide when to buy or sell collectively in order to control when stocks get to go up or down. Their wealthy clients benefit from this unscrupulous activity while you and your local broker are left far behind as you rush to follow suit, but too late to benefit much, and probably at a loss.

Of course, their commissions on buys and sells are enormous, and a huge incentive to “play the system” without any fear of reprisals from Republican lawmakers, and even some Democratic ones.

Elizabeth Warren is running on a platform to fix this illegality, and Wall Street is panicked and would defeat her at any cost to them. Their huge profits are at stake here. They will do or say anything to defeat her.

Do yourself a favor and vote for Elizabeth Warren.

Bill Baum,


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