It’s wonderful news that three orphaned grizzly cubs were saved and cared for by Fish, Wildlife and Parks Rehabilitation.

I find it puzzling that FWP works diligently to save three animals while it manages trapping wild animals on public lands. Nearly 53,000 animals were trapped in 2013-14. The actual number was larger as only roughly 1/3 of the 15 plus animals that can legally be trapped are required to be reported.

As immediate kill is not assured, many animals endure several hours or days of dehydration, starvation and pain until they are finally killed when the trap is checked. We do not know the untold numbers of offspring who die of starvation when their mother is killed by a trapper. We will never know the exact numbers of how many animals suffer in this way because FWP does not check traps and would never be able to do so. Thousands of traps are strewn throughout public lands. Trappers are not required to report where they place traps. In most cases there is no required trap check time period.

Nowhere else in society do we allow the abuse of animals… not in our homes, farms, shelters, zoos or businesses. I assume that most of you reading this care about the welfare of animal life. (Only less than 1% of Montanans purchase a $29 trapping license.) Please take a few minutes to tell your legislators and Governor Bullock to end trapping. Phone numbers and addresses are at leg.mt.gov.

Sue Kronenberger,


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