I am proud to endorse Russ Fagg for the United States Senate.

Russ Fagg announced that he had received endorsements from over 100 current and former Republican leaders from around the state. I am on that list because I believe that Fagg is the only conservative who can beat U.S. Sen. Jon Tester.

Russ Fagg is a fourth-generation Montanan, a two-term Republican legislator, and was a judge in Billings for over 20 years. Fagg will represent Montana in the U.S. Senate because he is one of us. He understands Montana values and his campaign is Montana-focused. Unlike some in this race, he is not self-funding or accepting massive amounts of money from out-of-staters and political action committees.

Fagg is looking to receive the support of Montanans and he has. Following his impressive fundraising quarter, 80 percent of Fagg’s money came from in-state donors, which is in stark contrast to some of his primary opponents and even starker against his general-election opponent Jon Tester, who has only raised 20 percent of his money in-state.

The choice for me is clear; I'm supporting Russ Fagg.

Sen. Doug Kary,

Senate District 22,

Montana Legislature,