I recently participated in a telephone survey concerning the proposed $8.3 million fairground improvements. The choices for my responses varied from "strongly agree" to "strongly disagree." There was no interest in any comment I wanted to make.

The survey questions were biased towards support of the bond and were slanted to evoke a "strongly agree" response. For example: "Would you support the bond if it added $10 per year to your taxes?" One would expect a positive response, except we all know that $10 is not the cost for each homeowner.

The questions cited a wonderful 10-acre park with walking paths, picnic tables, pavilion and bandstand.

However, Playfair Park, covering approximately three city blocks right next to the fairgrounds, provides everything except the bandstand and also includes playing fields and swimming.

So, dear commissioners, if you want citizen input into your proposals, I humbly request you ask the right questions, and not put words into taxpayers' mouths.

Susan Reed,


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