My, what wonderful camps for these migrant children. What kid wants to brush their teeth or take a shower?

Hey, U.S. Sen. Steve Daines, I contacted you the last time these children were separated from their parents. You told me you would not rest until all children were reunited with their parents! What a liar.

When 1 was 2 1/2 years old, I was taken to a Shriners hospital to have my cleft lip and palate fixed. At that time, parents were not permitted to visit. For two weeks I was alone. I bring this up because my first memory was calling a nurse "mom." She would reply no, but she was the only mom I had at that time. That's how powerful child separation is.

Now back to those disgusting photos of government-sanctioned child abuse I saw the other day. When Nicolle Wallace asked, "Where is the bottom?" I screamed at the TV, "Gas chambers and ovens"! Any country that will demonize children is going down that road, or should I say track. 

Oh, by the way, don't you think these Border Patrol agents who posted such disgusting stuff on Facebook should be fired? 

Rick Wheeler,


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