After reading the (Oct. 6) guest column by Stephen Capra, I'm extremely disappointed by the use of emotion to sway his readers, and angered by the lies to make the trapping community look less than human.

The classes given by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks do not give tips on how to torture wolves (like the article erroneously claims) but rather teaches the most humane and safe trapping practices of our time. The classes are for the proper education of ethical wolf trapping and it is illegal to trap wolves without taking the course.

Capra also talks about about a trip he took in 1990 in which he saw the utter lack of furbearers. Considering that was 30 years ago, I find it odd that he finds it applicable to today's current furbearer situation. Lynx are more numerous then ever, bobcats are plentiful with a population size requiring management, and in the four years I've called Montana home, the season limit for all of Montana was a maximum of less then 10 fishers! Hardly enough to be considered for the decline of the species.

To conclude, Capra's opinion was based on feelings and not facts. Honest research would've provided honest and reliable answers.

Justin Burich,


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