I have some brief responses to Sandy Holland's letter in the Jan. 7 Missoulian.

Holland apparently wants to end the abortion privileges of all American women. It appears obvious that she has not considered the consequences that every added birth places upon our only planet.

Isn't it blatantly clear, Sandy Holland, that each fertilized ovum you save will grow up to demand its own energy-burning house, gas-guzzling car and so forth? That each "saved" fetus will further burden the finite resources of an earth that we already have taxed beyond its limits?

What do you think will happen if humans do not immediately control the twin crises of overpopulation and climate change? Can you not grasp the clear connection between the two?

Holland, if you do not protect the quality of life — while concerning yourself only with quantity — then your hypocritical "praying for a better way" will serve only to hasten our universal demise. And it will produce a scorched planet that cannot sustain its teeming billions of miserable humanity.

By saving fetuses, you ironically are killing all the rest of us. Even more ironic: The abortions you deplore will, at some point, surely become mandatory.

John Russell,


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