Donald Trump has been colluding with dictators in plain sight.

He tells the American people and our central intelligence agencies it is none of their business what he is talking about with these thugs behind closed doors.

He and his family act like they are the royal family and he is king. Our ancestors fought hard to get rid of our ties to the king and his control of our land and our lives. Our ancestors endured torture and killings in an effort to rid ourselves of atrocities put upon us by the King of England, and now we have Donald "Drumpf" Trump sticking it to the American people.

He and the spineless Senate under Mitch McConnell are a dangerous threat to our country and even to the rest of the world. Remember this narcissistic moron has the code to the nuclear bomb — scary.

Make our ancestors proud and fight to save our country from King Donald Drumpf's cruel and dangerous agendas.

Joe Gervais,


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