Before another development goes in, it would be wise to see what is happening with all the traffic already coming off of Hillview Way.

I have to leave for work 15 minutes early just to be able to take a left-hand turn up Russell and 39th because there is no left-hand turn signal on the light. All the cars are coming down at that time and, of course, the last two cars have to run the red light, so you can maybe get one car squeezed by before the light turns. Sometimes there are as many as 10 cars waiting to turn left and some wait a long time to get out of the gas station.

I also think people should step on the gas. One of the reasons everything is so congested is that people start out at 5 miles, then 10; by the time the next light hits they aren't even driving the speed limit.

Speaking of speed limits, I think the city is in cahoots with the police department in making sure that no one knows what the speed is so they can ticket you. Hide the sign, make it too small, hide it on a corner or by a tree; is it 25, 35, 45? Who knows?

The South Russell flashing light has a lot of people thinking that it is 25 the whole stretch. It is 35 after the flashing lights. In a two-week span, I had two cars pull out in front of me when I was driving 35 and two cars run a red light. It is getting crazy and scary out there.

K. Johnson,


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