Fort Missoula turf

Fort Missoula turf


Dear Mayor Engen,

Everybody who uses the soccer fields at Fort Missoula knows that there is something wrong with the grass. The fields do not drain properly, are often waterlogged and full of weeds, and the goal areas are often covered in mud. For a new facility, this is, to put it mildly, disappointing and visitors are frankly baffled that Missoula has such a flawed newly built facility. As a Missoula city and county taxpayer, I am appalled that $40 million of our money has been so poorly used.

I hereby request that you appoint an independent inquiry to assess: the current state of the fields at Fort Missoula; how we got to where we are now; what options we have to rectify the situation and what maintenance should be undertaken by Parks and Recreation. Until we have the results of this inquiry and remedial action is undertaken, all future bond issues should be put on hold to ensure that taxpayers can be assured of achieving value for their money which has clearly not been achieved in this case.

Tony Boote, 


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