Where is Montana Attorney General Tim Fox these days? I have attempted to contact his office three times in the past month regarding a complaint I filed against a Montana Highway Patrol trooper back in July, but Fox’s silence has been deafening.

After forwarding my complaint up the MHP chain of command without resolution, I contacted the Department of Justice. As Fox is the top law enforcement official in charge of the MHP and, as I am a voting, tax-paying citizen, I expected a response.

The trooper in question has a past history of racial profiling, and according to the ACLU, “there have been many recent complaints filed out of Yellowstone County.” But Fox and his cronies are apparently content to circle the wagons and permit unprofessional, inappropriate behavior to flourish.

Either Fox is too busy campaigning to administrate his current office or my complaint is to too inconvenient for the upcoming election year. And you want to be my governor? Ha!

Robert Taylor,


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