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Anyone who knows the history of this country knows we fought to get out from under British rule by a monarch who had the power to do as he pleased to the people, to take their land at a whim, who had unlimited pardoning powers.

Here we are under a tyrannical president who rules like a monarch and aligns himself with some of the worst dictators in the world. A spineless Republican Senate that allows one man to make all the decisions no matter whether it's based on fact or manipulative lies.

Fear tactics to scare the people into believing that we are under a crisis that warrants a wall that will not only wall people out but wall us in. This one man is listening to the Russian oligarchs and former KGB thugs who are trying to take over our government with the help of a very mentally disturbed individual who is unfortunately in control of the government of the USA.

God help our country.

Kay Gervais,


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