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I read U.S. Sen. Steve Daines' June 5 column on his energy summit in Billings, and take exception to his proposed “accomplishments.”

We should not build the Keystone Pipeline through the Montana aquifer because it will create scant few jobs for a short time and cause a lifetime of exposure to oil contamination to our ecosystem.

We should not “reinvigorate” coal, either to burn in our country or sell to another country, because we will only pollute our planet at a fast rate.

He briefly talked about wind/geothermal/sun renewable energy but it sounded like an afterthought. I propose that is the future for our Montana children, not the other narrow-minded ideas he professed from his meeting in Billings.

Trump Republicans, get your head out of your narrow-minded and selfish “bowl” and think about the well-being of your/our offspring, for which you are supposed to legislate. Don’t leave them an unsustainable and polluted Montana.

Michael O’Lear,


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