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State Sen. Dick Barrett was right (guest column, Nov. 26). Legislators who listen to, represent and help their constituents solve the disastrous problems of the 2015 Confederated Salish and Kootentai Tribes water compact are geniuses.

The People’s Compact, also known as the Mending Fences Act, is an alternative to the “negotiated” CSKT compact that benefited only the state, federal and tribal governments but did real damage to the people of eastern and western Montana, including tribal members. This alternative compact is being submitted directly to Congress as a First Amendment petition for redress of the grievance known as the CSKT “Montana” Compact.

The People's Compact/Mending Fences Act is a win-win solution for all. It quantifies the CSKT federal reserved water rights, settles a 1951 CSKT claim for damages relating to water use with a generous per capita payment directly to tribal members, protects existing historic uses of water for all reservation residents, and eliminates all the off-reservation water claims of the United States/CSKT in western and eastern Montana.

With the federal reserved water rights of the CSKT determined, the Montana General Stream Adjudication can proceed, and the state can resume its management and administrative authority over state law-based water rights.

Find the People’s Compact at today!

Catherine Vandemoer,


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