I enjoy reading the "World of Wonder" page in the paper, but I prefer that it be accurate. If you would double-check the data before it goes to print, it would present a more clear and accurate picture of the story that you are presenting.

The Native American peoples in Alaska are varied culturally and ethnically. They include the Aleut, Eyak, Yupik, Inuit, Tlingit, Haida, Tsimshian peoples and 11 different Athabaskan groups. To put them all into the two groups, Inuit and Indians, is to leave out a huge chunk of Native cultures and to not recognize the many unique cultures that make up the Native peoples of Alaska.

Secondly, the Northern Lights are visible throughout Alaska during the fall and winter months, not just from Fairbanks. Spend some time north of the Arctic Circle in December and watch their colors dance and hum straight above you in the sky. They are as beautiful and unique as are the many Alaska Native cultures.

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Finally, the population of Juneau is greater than that of Fairbanks. These two cities, along with Anchorage, are the most populous of Alaskan cities, Anchorage being substantially larger than the other two. Facts matter. 

Susie Menegat,


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