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Let’s understand just what U.S. Rep. Greg Gianforte has done while warming our sole seat in the House of Representatives. Nothing.

There are a variety of reasons for this. First, fellow Republicans have shunned him. He is recognized in his own party as a person convicted of assault on a reporter who only sought to get the truth out of him.

Then, in a Congress filled with millionaires, Gianforte is a billionaire bully worth more than any of them and in the political world fraught with jealousies and pecking order maneuvering, this works against him.

It gets worse. After being sworn in in 2017, the Republican Party bosses assigned him to just one House Committee (natural resources) and two lesser sub-committees, a strong repudiation of his leadership potential. In short, he is being shelved by his own party.

It is known that he does not play in the sandbox well with others. As evidence of this back home, Gianforte has refused to host any level of open public forums in Montana, refusing to listen to the wishes of his constituents.

Further, Gianforte votes strictly party line, which is hardly a mark of a balanced politician who values competing ideas or ideologies that don’t line up with his. He’s voted for 96 bills and against only one showing an unwillingness to exercise any level of bipartisanship.

And House membership knows clearly that Gianforte will call his former businessman buddy and junior U.S. Sen. Steve Daines, and vote the way Daines tells him to. Sadly, he has aligned himself with the failed Trump tweeter as a party puppet.

As for his performance record, Gianforte has only introduced 15 of his own bills with only one being passed into law, and co-sponsored a handful of others (like the one to name a post office in New Jersey, Gianforte's former home, after a military veteran).

He just can’t seem to get any real political footing in Washington and likely doesn’t even care to. He certainly does not need the $174,000 we pay him each year.

Finally, it is often said that if you want something done efficiently in Washington, elect a housewife and mother. Then step back and watch as things happen.

Gianforte is going to get rolled by a woman this year. Might as well pack your bags, Mr. Gianforte. You’ve been gone a long time already.

Michael J. Ober,


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