I am the representative for House District 51 in Billings. Prior to my time as a representative, I managed the Billings Job Service, and it has made my decision about who I am voting for in the upcoming Republican governor’s primary very clear. Congressman Greg Gianforte is the only candidate who has had any experience creating jobs, and that’s exactly the experience we need in the Governor’s Office.

Gianforte’s experience makes him the only choice. He understands that government does not create jobs, but it creates an environment friendly to entrepreneurs that can help foster growth in our current businesses and encourage others to start their own businesses. Gianforte was able to create 500 high-paying jobs here in Montana by creating Right Now Technologies. He has shown he understands these principles, and that’s why he helped President Trump pass historic tax cuts that have tremendously impacted our economy and brought unemployment rates to a 50-year low.

Now Greg Gianforte wants to come home to Montana and help small business by getting government out of its way. We need his business leadership in Helena in order to help create economic opportunity in Montana for generations to come.

Rep. Frank Fleming,


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