Gianforte promotes irrational fear of bears

Gianforte promotes irrational fear of bears


Native Californian Greg Gianforte on Jan. 30 gave a speech on the floor of the House of Representatives introducing a bill calling for Less Imprecision in Species Treatment Act of 2020. Essentially, he wants to grant states more power via the Fish and Wildlife Service in the listing and delisting process of endangered species.

Can you imagine what would happen if Montana’s top landowners, like Texas oil barons the Wilkes brothers, were able to influence listing and delisting of endangered species? Not only would they continue to trap massive elk herds on their land, solely for hunting, but they would figure out a way to trap grizzly bears.

Fear of wild things is something native Montanans just don’t understand. Despite the chances of a grizzly attack being approximately 1 in 2.1 million, Greg Gianforte is scared. His irrational fears were evident when he blindly lied to other members of Congress, stating, “Parents told us how they put bars on their windows because the grizzly bears were looking in their children’s bedrooms.”

I have never seen a home in Montana with bars on it, like I have in California. 

Andre Zollars,


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