For years Montana has suffered from a stagnant economy while liberal Democrats have used the governor’s office to prevent job creation. Each year tax revenues goes up, but there are never any surpluses because the liberal leadership in Helena spends it almost as fast as it comes in. We need to put an end to this in the 2020 election.

U.S. Congressman Greg Gianforte certainly is well known for his executive experience starting and running RightNow Technologies. He knows what it takes to create a pro-business atmosphere that will help create jobs. Additionally, he has been successful because of his ability to cut inefficiencies but also staying on budget, both things we are in desperate need of in Helena.

Gianforte has a plan on how he can apply these principles to our state’s government and help bring down taxes for all Montanans. It is simply impossible to tax our way to prosperity, and Montanans have worked hard for their money, and they should be able to keep more of it.

With Greg Gianforte as our next governor, Montana will be more efficient, prosperous, and we will have a competitive economy that will bring new business and create jobs.

Sen. Jason Ellsworth,

Senate District 43,


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