I know you just paid your federal and state taxes. You have always been a good citizen. But you remember, before the elections, all politicians say, "Vote for me, I will lower your taxes. Don't vote for the other person, they will raise your taxes."

Well, did you know that 60% of the large corporations paid no federal tax taxes at all? A big fat zero in taxes. Here are just a few:

General Electric made a profit of $27.5 billion and paid no taxes but got a refund of $3.1 billion. What a great deal.

John Deere Corporation made a profit of $2.5 billion, paid no taxes and got a refund of $268 million. Another great deal.

Amazon Corporation made profits of $11.2 billion and got a refund of $129 million. Are you going crazy yet?

Boeing and Verizon paid no taxes, but got refunds. Wow!

Before he was elected, President Trump said he would eliminate the $19.9 trillion national debt, but he has already added over a trillion dollars to the national debt. Plus he cut many of the programs that benefit education, the middle class and the working poor.

It is a fact that twice as many corporations pay nothing, zero taxes under President Trump's tax plan.

How much has President Trump paid in taxes over the years? Who knows? Maybe nothing.

Go ahead: cry, swear, jump up and down. The middle class and the working poor got cheated again. Sure, "vote for me, I will lower your taxes."

LaVon D. Brillhart,


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