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Government not acting in citizens' interests

Government not acting in citizens' interests


Denis Rancourt, a retired physics professor, has written an article reviewing the stats of COVID-19 deaths. His conclusion was that so-called virus deaths were really due to lockdowns and has called it “mass government homicide.”

There were no spikes in normal winter deaths last year, however, there was what he called an abnormal man-made spike, which happened after lockdowns were imposed. The old, sick and vulnerable were pushed into isolation, zealous medical treatments, and murdered.

Rancourt also wrote an article on why masks don't work. The science is solid that masks are detrimental to health by reducing oxygen levels, forcing one to breathe carbon dioxide, increasing blood pressure and heart rate.

It is past time to stop this madness, the hijacking of bureaucracy for nefarious purposes by those such as Bill Gates, to investigate his funding of medical news outlets, the World Health Organization and bogus scientists such as Neil Ferguson whose predictions of 2 million deaths in the U.S. called for the worldwide lockdown, as well Gates' investments in vaccines.

Based on Rancourt's report, and media not sponsored by Gates and big pharma, I can only conclude that my government is out to murder me and my fellow citizens.

Phoenix Mitchell,


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