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Prediction: The reactionary fascism of Donald Trump's administration stymied two years of resistance in the streets, and will now institutionalize programmatic fascism. It gave cover and recruitment potential to white ethnic statists (American Renaissance), alt-right extremists (Jason Kessler, David Duke and Richard Spencer's Charlottesville), right-wing militarist movements (skinheads and neo-Nazis), alienated xenophobes and misogynists of the economy (among rust belt unemployed), and the court system (Kavanaughites and Federalist Society members). It enthroned authoritarian evangelicals (Mike Pence, the Huckabees) to criminalize freedoms of choice.

Hack appointees to cabinet positions turned our democratic bureaucracies against their service missions, rewarding corruption for personal gain, until re-staffed after inserting new cultures of discrimination against: blacks, Jews in the news business, global environmentalism, and Muslim and Spanish-surnamed immigrants seeking political asylum. This sidelined Congress via GOP take-over. Such racist opportunism, however, never represented most American voters, just schemers.

Programmatic fascism goes beyond cultural substitutions. It relies on anti-Constitutional action against equalitarian policies of legislative and judicial branches. Raw power. Dictatorial action by the chief executive and heads of departments now broaden attacks to overwhelm core American values enshrined in our Constitution; its amendments. Assault on democracy is now what our government pursues, led by a vengeful, lawless, egoist fanatic.

Bruce Russell Sr.,


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