Below is the headline of a story by National Public Radio this morning: "As The Climate Warms, Companies Are Scrambling To Calculate The Risk To Their Profits." In the article it describes executives and the company’s investors seeking solutions to predicting an increasing erratic climate and its effects on crop yields, supply chains and such. The reason for this concern is their bank account balance.

Does anyone else see the absurdity of this headline and story? Climate scientists warn of dire consequences from man-made climate change and that humans must act now to reduce fossil fuel use. Most likely these are the people not wanting any highly necessary adjustments to our carbon dioxide producing transportation, agriculture and industry companies and systems. Most, no doubt, have investments in such entities, or are even CEOs of such companies. Pure folly, in my estimation.

An ending to many of a movie comes to mind when a character dies holding tightly onto a treasure found, while they could let go and lose the treasure but live. Short-term profits equates to short-term thinking and short-term living.

Erwin Curry,


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