This week President Trump announced that wind turbines cause cancer, $91 billion has gone to Puerto Rico, his father was born in Germany and the economy is better than ever. Those are all lies.

While wages have increased 1.7 percent, the cost of living is up 4.5 percent. That is because the cost of things like steel, aluminum, wood and drugs have risen sharply because of tariffs.

This economy, with its fifth-largest tax cut in history, has now produced a new $1 trillion ($1,000 billion) federal debt. As of this year, Americans' credit card debt has now reached $4 trillion in the process.

Wealthy and corporate tax strategies have changed a lot. Of the $80 billion tax incentives given to U.S. corporations, half went to buying their own stock back. That is because these corporations are designed to make profits, not products. That's why Shopko, Westmoreland Coal, Payless, Harley Davidson, General Motors, JCPenney and Sears have moved on.

Meanwhile, the rich get richer, and you don't. So, there is this new definition for "great" that doesn't include anybody you or I know. In the meantime, the great economy has devoured your tax break.

Doug Kikkert,


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