I read that Greta Thunberg is visiting Colorado and is scheduled to go to Alberta, Canada, an "energy province" with oil sands. In a tweet, one conservative warned that “she was welcome to come to Alberta, but she better not fly, or take a car, but use an ox cart to get there.”

I thought then about the development of the automobile, and a much larger and imperative and nascent conceptualization, the Green New Deal. Are there any lessons from the early 1900’s to consider?

There is a Saturday Evening Post article on Charles E. Duryea, who made and sold one of the first automobiles for $1,000 in 1898 to a mechanical engineer in Pennsylvania. In this article, Duryea opined that in his work, “to advocate replacing the horse, which had served man through centuries, marked one as an imbecile.” In his endeavor to manufacture his product, he tried to work with tire manufacturers, such as the one who said, “Yes, sir. There won’t be enough call for tires for horseless carriages and we won’t be able to afford the molds...”

Naysayers aren’t new; we must progress now.

Erwin Curry,


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