I am an average American man in a “flyover state.” As this person, I wish to express my thoughts about this country, the United States of America and what ails it now.

The fact is that I am in a state of grief over the country I have lived in for 63 years. The country is clearly lost along a winding, rocky, tortuous 243-year path. The divisions between the political aspirations of so many only continue to widen with each day’s exploding news cycle.

One must always look at the root of a problem in order to not to "fight the same fire" over and over. If one delves deep into the national psyche, an approach to consider for our predicament is that every nation has a “national karma.” Our nation is destined to have bad karma; any honest look at our past would insure this.

And the consideration is not necessarily as far back to the Native American genocide or slavery of Africans. Our corporate actions and military interventions continue to this day, accruing karma rather than mitigating it. We are bound to have built up and continue to manufacture substantial “national karma.” This nation is an economic power and it attempts to justify, many times successfully, by repeated, deleterious actions for retention of economic standing.

Our problems, such as a rapidly warming planet, are so urgent that we don’t have time for needed changes in education to score results, 20-plus years of targeted disinformation to be addressed, and meaningful policy enacted to alleviate our dire situation. Time is slipping to address the major problems overtaking our civilization and dishing major blows to it.

Those in power do not seem to see, or choose to ignore, the interconnected life forces, that were easy for earlier humans to perceive and see no threat in massive disruptions of life. I grieve for this country, and I fear that I am correct in my grief.

Erwin Curry,


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