Groovy Died Today (1937-2012)

Disk jockey Silent Sam just said

marvelous old man Groovy is dead,

he suffered from irrelevance

in virtual time with hardly a chance

to beat the bum rap of old hat,

along with jive turkey and hep cat,

long gone the way of a-OK,

keen, snazzy and classy — all passé.

Groovy was buried in the lexicon

of neat notions of past phenomenon,

out of orbit, out of sync with the time

of noisy music, poems without rhyme.

He was a cool vibe in the groove,

twisting hey-nonny-nonny on the move,

doo-wopping with the zeitgeist:

you’re OK, I’m OK and no one can heist

the mood of the moment, the feel of swell

nuking every bead, bongo and bell.

Gone are the days of wine and roses,

when feeling groovy was more than poses,

of flower children surfing the beach,

when we strove to stretch beyond our reach

to do our own thing, but don’t forget the rest

of our brothers and sisters. That’s the test:

be good to others — that’s the grooviest.

Ah, Groovy, chic, classy and cool,

we kids of the sixties will miss you.

Ricardo L. Garcia,


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