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In response to Diane Adams' letter of March 11: My name is Bradley Williams. As a caregiver and serving in my fifth legislative session, I want to share with you some of my findings.

I represent everyone in Montana who stands first for the individual versus the medical/governmental complex.

After 70 days of thousands of interviews at fair booths across Montana, we learned that 60 percent of Montanans favor the concept of euthanasia as it is emotionally promoted as something for the individual.

That is, until they learn that the laws are written to empower corporations, non-governmental organizations and the Department of Public Health and Human Services over our individual choices. Empowering them with instant immunity for all, then 95 percent of the 60 percent change their mind and say “I’m not for that!”

After 10 years, there is a huge body of work to examine. After we learn that 20 percent of the Oregon model policy deaths are likely forced euthanasia to satisfy their facilitators, we insist that the violating states close this dangerous gap in the safety net.

And they know exactly how to repair the damage. There are no excuses, only oppressive intentions.

From what I have seen, our best defense for us and our families moving forward is: 1. Do not post anything specific on your advance directives that you will be asked to complete by the social worker at the hospital.

2. Assign your power of attorney and tell them you trust them as specifics become apparent.

3. Should you encounter disagreement over treatment or lack of it, quickly change facilities to avoid long delays in resolution.

This is the best defense for individuals in this climate of promiscuous medical standards. “Good faith” standards are equivalent to your teenager claiming “everybody is doing it.”

"Yes" on House Bill 284 to ban stealth euthanasia and its companions from Montana. "Yes" on HB 284 to defend us individuals from predatory corporations and others.

Montana can lead the way.

Bradley Williams,


Montanans Against

Assisted Suicide,



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