U.S. Sen. Steve Daines and U.S. Rep. Greg Gianforte:

Our current president tweeted, "God be with you." Another of too many mass shootings. Do you think that the grief of people who love the dead and wounded is insignificant? They are not, at this time, my family or friends, nor are they yours.

Oh well, "things happen." If you see this as sarcasm, you got it right.

Cleanliness, gun ownership, apple pie and mom, if she isn't a brown-skinned mom seeking refuge, are all "next to godliness."

I am pissed! I am also deeply dismayed and frightened by the direction you and your president are taking my beloved country. Disdain for working people; brown, black, red races; LGBTQ folks and anyone who is not on Donald Trump's list of "good friends" and his "base," is unethical, inhumane and wrong. Racial hatred is wrong.

If you ever take time to reflect, consider the disparity between this country's gun-death numbers and those in countries where guns are less easily obtained.

Guns are not sacred. Human life is sacred even if it is not in the womb.

Massive killing and hate is not a mental health issue. The addiction to power and guns is.

Count this as an anti-Trump and anti-gun letter.

Shirley V. Tiernan,


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