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Montana Attorney General Tim Fox knows about criminals but does not have a clue about the legitimate use of opioids.

Betty is 88 and has used opioids for over 15 years. Betty will use opioids for the rest of her life. At one time Betty used two different opioids. How does Betty get her opioids each month? First, each month, Betty calls her doctor at least 10 days in advance; two, Betty has to physically go to the doctor's office to pick up the prescription; three, Betty physically takes the prescription to the pharmacy. Betty does not drive and Betty uses a walker when circumstances do not allow her scooter.

Betty needs a total ankle replacement. Benefis does not cover this surgery. Betty would have to travel to Missoula or Billings. Betty does not have a support group in either town. Betty has two spinal fusions for her degenerative back disease and may need a third.

Betty was discharged from the hospital without any opioids and spent four days without any pain medication. I pleaded with every on-call physician. No one would find her general practitioner to get a refill. Betty is blood tested every 90 days, she is 88.

Randall Knowles,

Great Falls 

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