As a third-generation college student, I have been told it is time to make waves in my community, and this is how I will do so.

I’m a reclusive 25-year-old sophomore attending Missoula College, aiming for my master’s degree in creative writing. In the beginning of my second semester of college, I began a spontaneous friendship with a, what I call posh, young man who went by the name Dakota Hileman.

When I first met Hileman, he was 18. I could already tell this eccentric yet youthful individual was ready to show his passion for local social issues among not only our colleagues on campus, but for the whole community.

This fellow college student has already begun to pave his way into diplomatic matters and affairs. Hileman has also generously worded his message to show his fire for the community and how to not only improve it, but to make it thrive. By reaching out to the folks within our age group, he stands dedicated and serious for his cause. Hopefully someday, I will be able to greet this man as “Mr. President.”

I know Dakota Hileman is going to do exceptionally well, and I proudly endorse and support him.

Jennisea Standing Rock,


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