Hillview Crossing vision test:

If you’re a Missoula Valley resident, I encourage you to take a quick drive up Hillview Way (Russell Street south of 39th Street) in the South Hills. Cresting the first uphill reach as the road dips down into Moose Can Gully, look to the left and up the slope across open fields toward Dean Stone Mountain. I’m curious what you see.

A small piece of gentle beauty where deer, foxes, an occasional bear or mountain lion travel to their own purposes; are you grateful for such a place as part of your everyday life? Well, fair enough.

Maybe you see a plot that would be immeasurably enhanced by an outcropping of high-end condos, a development opportunity for the greater good of our community; perhaps a second phase further up the hillside? Well, fair enough.

I see an affront to nature. To those involved who may implore, “I’m just trying to do a job here; if we don’t someone else will,” I invoke the refrain of an old country song: “callin’ it your job, old hoss, still don’t make it right.”

Skip Tucker,


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