Michael Cohen, Trump’s former ‘fixer,’ famously described in Congress the way that his boss would speak in code to make his wishes known, without actually giving specific instructions. The Missoulian reported upon the story of a Montanan who also understood this code and assaulted a young boy at a rodeo over a hat for the National Anthem. This story gained great traction nationwide. Nearly every broadcaster I listen to covered the unfortunate incident. This ‘code’ is a very disturbing thing to most who take the time to understand the potential ramifications. This man, with his F5 tornado of ego, relishes the thought of any and all admiration, in any form that may be created, be it harmful or not. The mass shootings, such as the recent El Paso massacre, and the less horrible, yet equally reprehensible behavior of many of his admirers in blatant words of racism towards many groups seem to sprout daily nationwide. This man, who is in theory representing all of us, does not have the emotional maturity to realize the harm his impulsive rhetoric has. At least most of us hope this is the case. The true intent of this code are unknown.

Erwin Curry,


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