My son lives, in Lolo, on disability from a car accident. He has a traumatic brain injury.

I won't list the issues he faces every day, but I can tell you it is awful. The medications they want to put him on are even worse. People don't understand and are ignorant about TBIs; they are fast to judge though. I have heard all the names, judgmental garbage and lack of empathy for years. Hard to care for what you don't understand.

The housing in Missoula and Lolo for people who are in the basement of poverty level has a waiting list. Certain situations are priority and you can be pushed back on the list for years.

I cannot help him financially to get into an apartment and keep it, again and again. The rent is too high. It is hard for people who are completely healthy to find affordable housing, let alone someone who struggles with any kind of disability.

This country needs to take care of our homeless. Don't think that just because you do not have tents lined up a sidewalk like LA that you do not have a problem with homelessness. What can be done?

Julie Rouillier,

McAllen, Texas

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