May 9 is the “Day of Victory” in Russia, commemorating the surrender of Germany, ending “The Great Patriotic War,” OK, World War II, in the European theater, signed at a Berlin suburb, Karlshorst, in 1945, 74 years ago.

The Russians sacrificed people by the millions on the European front to stop Hitler’s “War Machine.” The Soviet Union was a devastated, smoking ruin. Imagine if the Nazis hadn’t invaded Russia, and had instead worked on weapons development such as providing their V-2 (vengeance weapon) rockets with atomic warheads and a guidance system.

An old veteran who’d visited the Third Reich’s atomic research facility told me that Germany almost had atomic bombs at war’s end.

Also, the Krauts could have produced lots more fighter planes and tanks to devastate an allied invasion.

A gigantic asteroid is now on a collision course to impact the earth. The Russians are already building two nuclear armed rockets to blow it to smithereens. Once again the Russians are “saving our bacon.” Movies still portray the Russians as bad guys but you might pin a red carnation on your lapel on May 9 in the Russian custom, and let’s pass the peace pipe from now on, forever.

Lee Onishuk,


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