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My wife and I moved to Montana 20 years ago after teaching and coaching careers to be closer to our children and grandchildren. It has been a great decision.

A large majority of people who live here have a deep respect for what outdoor activities offer in our beautiful Montana and it's just out their front door.

This November's election, Montana voters will have an opportunity to ensure that our many miles of extraordinary clean rivers and lakes will remain pristine for generations to come. We will be able to vote for Initiative 186, which will make sure any future hard-rock mining will be managed responsibly.

With approval of this ballot measure, I-186, mining companies must be held responsible that their mining will not pollute our waterways with acid drainage, arsenic, lead and other toxins. If they do pollute, I-186 will require mining companies to clean up the mess, unlike too many situations in the past where mining companies walked away and left huge pollution of our clear water and taxpayers dollars paid for restoration.

This a Montana-style solution to a Montana problem. It is simple. fair and focused on taking responsibility for your own messes.

Roger Sherman,


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