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Vote yes on Initiative 186 to protect our groundwater and rivers from the dangers of acid mine drainage and to hold mining companies accountable for the pollution they create.

I-186 will not affect the gas and oil industry, mines that are already operating, or threaten future mining in the state.

Stillwater Mining Company, operating in Columbus and Big Timber, is able to operate successfully while maintaining conservation standards similar to what I-186 would put in place. This shows the lie behind the claims that the ballot initiative would stop all future mining in Montana.

What I-186 would do is make these operations culpable for the damage wrought by acid mine drainage for the lifetime of the mine. By forcing these companies to have a water reclamation plan in place at the beginning, I-186 ensures that Montanans will not have to pay for clean up at the end. This will help ensure that we and future generations get to continue to enjoy the pristine waters Montana has been blessed with.

Vote "yes" on I-186.

Nicholas Soderberg,


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