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We’re swamped with ads trying to frighten us into voting against initiatives 185 and 186.

The ads sound like they’re from “Montanans.” But who’s really paying for them? reveals that the money attacking I-185 comes from the tobacco industry, plain and simple; 97 percent of opposition funding has been provided by Altria, the manufacturer of Marlboro. The people in their ads decided to throw away their reputations by shilling for Big Tobacco against an initiative that will provide decent health care for vets and the poor.

In the case of I-186, over 90 percent of the attack ad money comes from the Montana Mining Association. The ads hide the fact that I-186 doesn’t apply to existing mines and doesn’t threaten any existing jobs. The law only applies to future mines, and doesn’t prevent mining. It only outlaws those mines that would require permanent, perpetual treatment to protect Montana waters. It says, simply: we don’t want another Berkeley Pit, the disaster in Butte that will require 24/7 treatment for eternity.

We need to show that “we the people” still matters in Montana. Please vote for decent health care and clean water. Vote “yes” on I-185 and I-186.

Thompson Smith,


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