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As a general contractor in Whitefish, I understand that voting "yes" on Initiative 186 is a wise investment.

In Whitefish, growth is outpacing the state and national average. More than anything else, the driving factor in the health of Whitefish is quality of life.

We owe our quality of life to being near clean, healthy and often stunning places like Whitefish Lake, the Flathead River, and innumerable smaller streams and lakes. Just because we have these wonderful places doesn’t mean we can take them for granted.

The irreparably negative impact of hard-rock mining in Butte has left a legacy of pollution by out-of-state corporations and perpetual water clean-up at taxpayer expense.

We, as a society, wisely protected the North Fork of the Flathead River from Canadian mining proposals in 2014.

I-186 will continue to move in the right direction. It will protect all Montana waters from permanent water pollution associated with future hard-rock mining, while allowing for responsible mining that won’t threaten our clean water and quality of life.

That’s why I’ll be voting "yes" for clean water, "yes" for responsible mining, "yes" on I-186 this fall.

Edwin Fields,


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