Re: "ICE helps protect Missoula County" (letter, Aug. 6). Will Cordes may have protected Americans while he worked in law enforcement, but today U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents who take the same oath he did are not in practice doing the same.

Separating children from their parents, as happened this past year in Montana; that happened when over 600 migrants were arrested at a chicken factory in Mississippi, leaving school districts to scramble to find relatives and friends to pick up children from their first day at school; ripping apart community members who have lived and worked for years, paying taxes and contributing to their community; arresting American citizens who clearly had papers to show they were citizens; stalking county courthouses to arrest victims who appear for court hearings; banging down doors of suspected migrants when they have no warrants; and degrading the economies of same towns whose businesses now have too few workers.

All to arrest people whose only "crime" was to cross the border without papers. These are not murders, rapists or bank robbers.

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Do your job, ICE. Go after the real criminals and leave our families intact.

Sara Busey,


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