Hey Democrat readers, how about "YOU ALL" lead by example? That is a novel idea right? Well start by cleaning up California and Chicago with sound economic programs and get in the black, so to speak! Then stop all gun crimes! Another novel idea. OK so throw in all the "save the planet" greenie ideas to. So I forgot to mention the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT laws going unenforced! That would be a great start to show AMERICANS that your ideas do work. Until then SHUT UP! The rest of AMERICA is tired of hearing the BS! Clean up those areas and you could prove you are right. As it is now only the blind leading the blind is working for you! The abortion laws should be changed and integrity taught to help you in your pursuit of euphoria! Now MONTANANs get your balls back and get tough on crime! The get a rope approach could deter crime as well! Yes due process needs to be followed but quick justice should prevail. OK so many of the Montana today people are from "elsewhere" and brought their non working politics here along with the big money to buy "change" do we really want to be called California #2 and fail as well? Equality for all, so throw away that crutch as well! Now go enjoy the day before the "BERNIE" idea spreads further!

Ron Albrecht,


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