I’m writing about an article in another Montana publication, but it is quite relevant to all agriculture today. In the article, two central Montana farmers state that they don’t deny that the world is getting warmer, but that man is not causing it. They infer that it is a natural cycle beyond man’s control and to say otherwise is arrogant.

Would it be arrogant to suggest that adding only a small amount of nitrogen drastically increases crop yields? Similar to nitrogen for crops, only minute increases in carbon dioxide have significant warmer effects in the amount of solar radiation that trapped in Earth’s atmosphere. We are taking more carbon dioxide out of the sinks, such as in-situ gas, oil and coal, than are going back into sinks. Hence, having slightly higher percentages of greenhouse gases results in large increases in global average temperatures.

We are not "playing God" by increasing global temperatures by releasing small amounts of greenhouse gases any more than increasing the winter wheat yields by adding small amounts of nitrogen fertilizer. It is arrogant to insist that we can continue burning fossil fuels, as we have, and not meet with future calamity.

Erwin Curry,


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