Using baseball analogy, this is how I call the various presidential terms in which I have been old enough to somewhat comprehend over the years. I considered the overall performance of each. Early memories of JFK were discounted, I thought LBJ a good starting place. My calls have changed somewhat over time with closer, more astute observation and study. I have my biases, obviously, but I tried to be accurate in my analogies. Many will disagree, and that’s politics.

Lyndon Johnson’s take over - double

Lyndon Johnson first term - strike

Richard Nixon’s first term - bunt

R. Nixon’s second term - disqualified - corked bat

Gerald Ford’s take over - walk

Jimmy Carter’s term - hit by pitch

Ronald Reagan’s first term - strike

Ronald Reagan’s second term - bunt

George Bush Sr’s term - strike out

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Bill Clinton’s first term - single

Bill Clinton’s second term - base on error

George Bush Jr’s first term - strike

George Bush Jr’s second term - strike out

Barack Obama’s first term - double

Barack Obama’s second term - single

Donald Trump’s term so far - illegal tackle.

Erwin Curry,


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