"The Apprentice" reality TV program never included me in its audience. I considered it a vanity production, a spin-off from "Survivor's" message that those not following the company line deserve deportation. I thought it pointless at best, Social Darwinist at root, and wondered if Donald Trump ever wrote an episode himself.

After two and a half years living the national reality program on TV called "The President," I realize little has changed and I was right at the outset. Our CEO told his VP to stand in for State visits, while enriching a distant Trump hotel at public expense. Why? So he could write 122 twitters reporting hurricane progress to his faithful cult of personality via personalized media. The ego mania of climate-change-denier Donald Trump filtering weather reports off the tabloid press is epic, even for a reality TV star sheltering his golf clubs on company time.

That "company" is a citizen-owned and operated cooperative. 

Fellow Americans, we need to get rid of this demagogue. Now. We need to do it under the U.S. Constitution's impeachment provisions before the House Judiciary Committee, for abundant cause, from his foreign-assisted elections, obstructions of justice and illegal use of public funds, through his mounting emoluments.

Bruce Russell Sr.,


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