Because of an absurd rule, written most likely with ulterior motives, not found in the United States Constitution, about a president’s immunity to indictment, impeachment, a political process, is the only remedy to remove an unlawful president.

This coming process appears to be a certainty now. What will the results be? The past has shown that public opinion is the ultimate jurist. It is up to the public, you and me, in the near future. It will up to each one’s aptitude, and impartiality when shown evidence, to tell right from wrong. This ability, that most have learned from our parents, caregivers and mentors will be tested. And to flee and not answer the question, in order to not create waves at work, or with friends or within families will indicate a lack of civic responsibility.

People volunteer to the military to fight for our security. And all in the nation accept their sacrifice with gratitude. But to be an American requires more than gratitude to the military. It is up to each of us to volunteer to state our very notion of right and wrong, and to demand for true justice to prevail.

Erwin Curry,


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