Our junior U.S. senator has once again distinguished himself — not — by signing on as cosponsor of a partisan Senate condemnation of the House impeachment inquiry, suggesting that the process is unfair because it has thus far been held in closed committee hearings.

The fact that such hearings are closed is not unusual — it is an inquiry much like an investigation by a grand jury, which is a closed process to ensure that potential witnesses can not coordinate their testimony. It is not a kangaroo court as it is not a trial at all, it is an investigation.

The trial — if there is one — will be held in the Senate and will be open to the public and the whole world. In previous impeachment proceedings, the investigations that the committees are doing were done by special prosecutors who also did their work in closed hearings. There is nothing questionable about the manner in which this inquiry is being done. Republicans have full representation and participation in these closed committee hearings as members of the three committees charged with the inquiry.

Senator Daines should not be criticizing the constitutionally mandated process of the House. 

James Wood,


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