Here we are, 17 months away from the 2020 election and we have heard about Donald Trump and Russia and nothing being done. The poor and middle class of the United States are of no need to Trump and his gang. Trump’s gang consists of the mob, KKK and the Nazis all rolled together.

It sounds as if Trump leads these people but all of them together and Trump are controlled by Vlad Putin and Russia ever since Trump let them control the 2016 election. They say things will change in the 2020 election; maybe so for governor, Senate, representative, but not for president. Our vote will not count anymore, as Putin will replace Trump if and when he needs to.

The U.S. Senate will do nothing about impeachment, as they are all bought and paid for. The House has the power to impeach Trump but Nancy Pelosi doesn’t have the spine to do it. What Trump has done is treason, not only national but international as it involves other countries. 

Trump does not know the Constitution of the United States. It says “We the people” not I. "I" is all that he thinks about. This is our country, not the chosen few.

Michael East,


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