In his (online-only) letter to the Missoulian tagged "Impeachment and civic responsibility," Erwin Curry admonishes his audience to be responsible citizens and participate in "straw votes" on their politician, or issue of choice, at the proverbial water cooler or whenever and wherever they can.

Merriam-Webster defines the "straw vote," often referred to as a "straw pole," to wit: "an unofficial vote taken (as at a chance gathering) to indicate the relative strength of opposing candidates or issues."

Besides our own incoherent "straw vote" encounters, the members of U.S. House of Representatives are engaging in their own straw votes which are often an aberration, appearing out of the swamp, headed nowhere in particular and thus a complete waste of time.

In the meantime, we voters needn't spend our time in one straw vote after another, spilling our guts and cleaning up the vomit. In the meantime, we can nurture wisdom by keeping our tongues bridled, patiently waiting for our voices to be heard in the quite serenity of the voting booth come November 2020.

Donald Bergoust,


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